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  1. T

    Color for rims.

    Hello everyone. Can someone please help me with color for my rims? Im stuck with black,white,purple or blue and i dont know which one to chose :/
  2. MrBlonde

    Mondial Blue wax/polish products im

    Im looking to update some of my detailing kit & would like to see what everyone thinks are the best waxes polishes to use on Mondial Blue please?. At the moment im thinking for wax.. Poorboys Nattys Blue Collinite 915 Ive just bought Bouncers Done & Dusted for my QD.
  3. Rystar

    172 Iceberg, Post Mop Photos

    Hi All, Recently had a mate of mine mop my car to bring the paint back up, no idea what he used, i'm not an expert, some sort of Trade Auto Glym stuff. Anyways, here are some photos of it shining after its clean, Enjoy!
  4. aucky

    aucky's Reflex Silver MKVII Golf R detail (CarPro)

    Right then. 2 Weeks after picking it up I'm ready to give the new Golf a thourough detail. No editing or arty pics here I'm afraid, just an old point and shoot camera! Here it is: First job, wheels. Generally mucky, Golf R front brakes are VERY dusty! Wheels were jetwashed...