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  1. G

    Looking for misfire diagnosis guide

    Hi everyone, sorry for yet another misfire thread. I'm looking for a guide on diagnosing the misfire, someone wrote a really thorough one years back and I've spent hours trying to find it again with no luck. Anyone able to help me out? Thanks
  2. Racky

    Snapon diagnostic help

    Hi all. I know it's not related to the Clio's but I will try my luck to get some help here :smile: . As I am very lucky with my cars, now my Laguna GT needs a new rear actuator for the 4wheel steering. Renault quoted me silly money for a new one, so got one from someone that was breaking a GT...
  3. T

    OBD/Diagnostic Issues.

    Hi all, wondering if anyone can offer me some advice. Picked myself up an OBD2 machine/device. Says it's compatible with all post 1996 cars essentially. However it won't connect to my 04, 1.2 Clio. It's saying it cannot connect. Tried it on an 10 plate Astra and it'll work fine. Any help is...
  4. Mrowlboy88

    Diagnostic Port 182 Clio 2005 Sport

    Hi where can you buy a diagnostic port? we have the kit to run the check but we have no port to fit into as we accidently cut the plug off! needed pretty urgently cheers