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Snapon diagnostic help

  Renault Clio dCi
Hi all. I know it's not related to the Clio's but I will try my luck to get some help here :smile: .

As I am very lucky with my cars, now my Laguna GT needs a new rear actuator for the 4wheel steering.
Renault quoted me silly money for a new one, so got one from someone that was breaking a GT. Now the problem is that not all the garages have the SnapOn tool to make the new actuator do it's job, and before I ask Renault again(and will get a heart attack), I would prefer to try someone outside a Renault dealer.

Now my question would be, is there any of you that has the diagonstics and it's able to change the actuator, or can you recomend someone/garage around London that has the tool and it's able to do this ?