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  1. cliokid95

    Broken driveshaft?

    Bit of a weird one this, any answers appreciated. Yesterday took the n/s driveshaft out (diff side) to repair one of the threads that the boot bolts into. When I was putting the shaft back and bolting the suspension back up the shaft pulled itself out of its boot as I'd been an idiot and put...
  2. MaxB

    1.2 16v no drive in any gears

    Drove my Clio to work earlier and parked it up outside. Got back in it after finishing work and noticed a strange clonking noise coming from the engine bay. Checked it out but couldn't see anything so decided to drive home carefully. I put it in gear and went to move forwards to find that I...
  3. JB21

    Anyone running a Torsen Diff & 5.25 Final Drive?

    Wanting more track performance from the Clio but just cant justify the costs of cams, ITB, turbo etc. So my thinking is the above set-up on standard engine with a EFI basic remap coupled to intake and exhaust only. My box is in need of a rebuild so whilst that would be getting done I'd have...