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Broken driveshaft?

  Clio 172 Cup
Bit of a weird one this, any answers appreciated.

Yesterday took the n/s driveshaft out (diff side) to repair one of the threads that the boot bolts into. When I was putting the shaft back and bolting the suspension back up the shaft pulled itself out of its boot as I'd been an idiot and put the driveshaft nut on before refitting the lower mounts. Managed to get the shaft back together but now the wheels just spin regardless of whether the car is in gear, whereas I'd obviously be expecting a lot of resistance to turn the engine, also spinning the n/s wheel doesn't turn the o/s the opposite way as you'd expect. Haven't started the car yet but it's obvious there won't be any drive.

Car is a 172 with a 182 bolted diff so not the the circlip, have I shagged the driveshaft? If so can this be repaired or just better off to go with a new one?

  Clio 172 Cup
Sorted for anyone who experiences similar. Took the shaft back out, gave it a good look, made sure everything was where it should be, inspected the diff and bolted everything back together - job done. Oil back in the box and job done. Helicoil holding strong and no more annoying oil leak. Just in time for the track days to kick off again.