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dipped beam / headlight

  1. C

    Changing lhd headlamps to rhd headlamps?

    Hello I have a clio 172 non cup, a numpty put lhd headlamps (xenon) in my car and they left the old rhd ones in the back. Is there a switchover for the kick up beam or is it set in stone? If so can I Frankenstein the brand new lhd headlamps to be rhd?
  2. S

    2006 Clio Dynamique 1.4S - Dipped Beam

    Morning All, I see there are a few posts on this but some of them are conflicting. My details for a light issue as follows; - Nearside dipped headlight will not work (all other lights work perfectly and with automatic headlights) - Changed bulb TWICE to rule out bulb to no avail - Checked all...