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  1. 2

    Williams 3 Rear discs and pads

    Looking to get my Williams 3 back on the road and out of hibernation and it has failed its MOT and needs new rear discs and pads. Does anyone know where to find original rear pads and discs? Can find the front online, but not the rear. Or recommend best after-market replacements please? I'm...
  2. Chris172!

    Best place to order Brembo HC discs and DS2500 pads

    Hi, I’ve tried searching the forums but can only find info from 2011. I’m trying to get my 172 ready for a track day in March but am struggling to find a good deal on front discs and pads. Also looking for a Whiteline rear Anti-Roll Bar if anyone is selling one? Also after a set of 15” alloys to...
  3. W

    Changing The Rear Pads/Discs - RS 200

    Hi Guys, I plan to undertake this task on Saturday but wanted to get your advice before doing so... I have ordered the following from K-Tec - I have searched the forum for a guide on this but the only guide seems to be a link to...
  4. H

    First time DIY'ing, is this normal?

    Hi all, First post so go easy!! Wishing to get into DIY, I replaced my pads and discs just under a month ago. The pedal feels fine and the brakes stop the car quickly enough, however there is a ring of corrosion on the inside edge of the disc (near the hub), which is where the pads aren't...