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dogbone mount

  1. AndyPembs182

    Dogbone bushes - which colour?!

    I want to re-bush my 182 dog bone with Powerflex and am wondering which colour to use. I don’t intend taking it on the track, so it’ll be fast road use. I know that black is intended for track, but would there be any benefit to using them anyway?
  2. Carlos_2017

    Dog Bone Mount

    Hiya guys, Just a quick one, what are people's views on the K-Tec stabiliser bar? Would that be a better shout than the powerflex bushes for the original mount?
  3. imprezaworks

    Evol dogbone mount group buy set up

    Thought I would post in here too as many track heros may not look in the group buys. But yeah as above check the group buy section for the Evol mounts :)