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  1. Captain Hat

    Trouble removing front doors on a 172 Cup

    So long story short I need to remove the driver's door from my 172 Cup and I've got to the pins and removed the clips but the pins aren't budging. Is this common? Is there a trick to it or a particular tool that makes it easier? Do I just need to find a way to hit the pins harder? So far I've...
  2. Davyboy888

    Locking drivers door on Clio 182

    My first question on here, hopefully somebody will be able to help me out. I came out this morning to find the battery on my 182 stone dead. I opened the passenger door with the key and then opened the driver's door from inside the car. I removed the battery and shoved it on charge. I went...
  3. Euan94

    200 Door Replacement

    I've woken up this morning to find someone's kindly left me a huge dent in my drivers side door and I'm almost certain it cannot be removed due to the large crease in part of the dent. So I think the obvious option is to change the door itself, the actual replacement doesn't look to bad and is...