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drag race

  1. MrCube182

    Surprising!! Clio 182 with 130k 0-60 time verified by GPS (Dragy)

    Just had a chance to test the 0-60 time of my 2004 Clio 182 using a Dragy - very accurate 10Hz GPS and GLONASS comparable to Vbox. 0-60 time was 6.47 secs..not bad for a 15 year old car with 130k on the clock! The only mods that would affect the time are a "98RON" map from RSTuner and I...
  2. cliocollins

    Quarter Mile Race - 182/200T/595

    Hi all, Just looking for some feedback on this race coming up. There has been a lot of talk and numbers thrown around of who will win and by how much.. 1, A friends Clio 200T with the following mods : Panel Filter, Centre box delete and new dunlops all round. (Launch Control/Auto) 2, My...
  3. N

    S3 vs Impreza WRX airfield fun [VIDEO]

    So we had the opportunity to have a little play on an airfield last weekend so my mate and I headed for the runway to do a couple of runs! Nothing overly exciting as wanted to keep things respectful but gave me a chance to work on my colour grading as I tried to give the video a slight top gear...