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eibach sportline

  1. rupni

    Koni Eibach in London

    Hey, Next month I'm arriving London and I'm looking for parts to my Renault Clio RS 2 PH1. I'm looking for a specific Koni 8710-1395Sport (54 bolt pattern) and Koni 8010-1048Sport which I believe fit the vehicle. Also Springs of Eibach sport-line. Is there a store in London that holds these...
  2. dane0

    Sportlines fitted now knocking noise

    Hi, I had eibach sportlines and new top mounts fitted yesterday and now when going around corners or parking you can hear the springs constantly knocking as I move the steering. is this normal for the first few days or is something not right here? I've had a search and I can only find a ton of...