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electric fault

  1. N

    Lots of fault codes and refusing to run meglio!!!

    Hello & thanks for having a look . For no reason at all the car drove perfectly I did my shopping got back in and it wouldn't fire, the engine was turning over but no life ! The aa recommended that the crank sensor needs replacing but didn't read the codes . Luckily a mate has a code reader...
  2. M

    Starting problem with my 2003 clio

    Hi guys Im new in this forum and im looking for some help with my 2003 1.2 16v clio. The car suddenly stoped working. Whenever we try to start it it wont. Battery and stop light flickers and some relays click undet the hood. We tried a new battery, jumpstarting, a new starter but still...
  3. B

    Why the interior lights dont work?

    I have a Clio mk4 and my trunk light was the original halogen bulb but I didnt like it so I bought 5w5 led and I was trying to put it to the socket. I plugged in the connector but the bulb went off a little, and I was sooo dumb and I was trying to put back the bulb with a flathead scrwedriver...
  4. C

    Clio 182 electric light fault

    Tried to find a forum for this but couldn't find anything. Electrical fault warning light on. Car runs very lumpy on idile. Once going and pushing to about 4k revs will go into limp mode with this warning light on. What's causing this? Also I'm based in N.I if there's any specialists here
  5. JKeillor94

    Car wont start

    I have a 2011 Clio 1.2 16v - same engine as the Mk2 Clios. Was going fine, turned the car off, jumped bsck in it and nothing happens when i turn the key. The electrical fault light is on; If i attach jump leads this light isnt on, its like nothing is wrong with the car, if i turn the key i...