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  Renault Clio 1.5dci
I have a Clio mk4 and my trunk light was the original halogen bulb but I didnt like it so I bought 5w5 led and I was trying to put it to the socket. I plugged in the connector but the bulb went off a little, and I was sooo dumb and I was trying to put back the bulb with a flathead scrwedriver and I made a terrible mistake. I made a little sparkle, and from then the trunk light and the interior light above the front seats are not working only when I turn them on manually with the 3 way switch in the front. I checked the fuses, everything is good. I have a theroy: maybe there is a sensor or something wich detects the status of the doors or the trunk and that doesnt work. I dont really know its location, but I am trying to fix this problem. I hope you guys will help me, and please dont judge me, I know I made a terrible mistake. Best regards, Levi.