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  1. L

    Clio Mk3 GT

    Recently bought a Clio GT. Might go red on the interior. Let me know what modifications you think would look good, not into changing the speed and that of the car as it’s a diesel so not that fast anyway.
  2. JKeillor94

    Mk3 coilovers

    Right, I'm on the hunt for some coilovers and I cannot find a bloody thing!.. I have a 2011 Clio Bizu and all I can find is the prefacelift coilovers or RS coilovers. I'm currently running 45mm H&R Lowering Springs but still want it lower preferably. If anyone can fire me into the right...
  3. Mitchell Kerr

    Clio Mk3 Project!

    Hey there, new to this forum! All i can say to start off with is that I own a Clio Mk3 facelift but its not an RS. If this offends you then leave, but if you want to see a project that will go somewhere for us who can not afford the RS price then this project is for you! Mods are: AP Coilovers...