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  1. kendeba

    182 transmission failure

    Hey fellas. I have a 182 and the car unable to handle gear 2. The linkage seems good, the other gears work fine. The problem came out after I made some speeding like 140mph. My first thought was the transmission fluid level lowness, but everyone else said this failure much worse. I will check...
  2. B

    Catastrophic engine failure

    Hihi, first post so go easy on me. Last Sunday, I was headed off to drop some polish off to one of the boys in my 2004 Clio 182. Driving onto the bypass, 3rd gear @ WOT, 4K rpm, I heared a big bang, bits of engine coming out of the exhaust and a whole lot of smoke. The car sat for a week until...
  3. S

    MOT Failure - Emissions - Please help!

    Hi all. Took my 2005 1.2 16V Clio to get tested today and it failed on the emissions: "Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive (2.92) [7.3.D.3]" "Exhaust emissions lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits (0.91) [7.3.D.3]" The results were...