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front bumper

  1. Charlotte0506

    Front bumper damage

    Hello 👋🏼 This is my Clio Sport and his name's Colin! Unfortunately I went into the back of another car a few weeks ago when I wasn't concentrating. We didn't exchange details as her car was fine but my car did take a little bit of damage. The damage is minor but it still bothers me and I'm not...
  2. jakieyeah

    help with rear/front bumper

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum and would just like a bit of help with bumpers. I have a 2015 renault clio rs200 mk4 and I have been blacking out anything silver around my car and I have gotten to the front bumper and was wondering if anyone knew how I can make this part black? Can it come off...
  3. K

    Fit fog lights to front bumper

    Hi, Bought a second hand bumper as we had to replace the front bumper. Took the blanking plates out the new bumper for the front fog lights. Took the fog lights off the old bumper and on the new bumper there is nothing to screw the screw into to fit the fog lights to this bumper. Any help...
  4. R


    Hi all, This is my first post after owning a Clio for around a year. I am the owner of a white, 5 door, 61 plate, Renault Clio with 16" alloys (195). After being involved in an accident I am in need of a front bumper as mine is missing the near side corner. If anyone can help in directing me the...
  5. W

    Renault Clio Mk. 1 (phase 3) bumper conversion

    Currently own a Clio mk1 phase 3 RL Paris, and really not a fan of the grey plastic bumpers on the front and back. Found some bumpers (front and rear) from another Clio online, saying it'll fit 94-98 Clio's. Will it fit? Or is there a huge difference between the two? (ie, mine being a phase 3...