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  1. G

    172 Cup radiator fan not kicking in

    Hi, I've got an issue with my 172 cup where the radiator fan never kicks in. I've done a lot of research and tried a lot of troubleshooting but I can't get to the bottom of the issue. Some info I've got through troubleshooting: - If I bridge the fan relay in the engine fuse box the fan starts...
  2. 1

    Tail light and licence plate lights wont work

    Anyone help I've got a182 cup last night the rear lights stopped working indicators reverse fogs and brake lights all work main side lights wont come on or the licence plate lights checked all the fuses on the passenger side and in the engine bay cant find any thats blown checked the bulbs none...
  3. Ajcman

    Clio needing new Duracell battery?

    well, tonight has been an interesting one for me. I went ut a short drive at 9.00pm this evening and at the start, I noticed the display for the RS monitor wasn't working, then an error with auto lights came on the dash, so I disabled it and rebooted the car. but no change, maybe the battery...
  4. NoisyBoys

    No Power to Clock and Radio following replacement

    Hi So was replacing factory radio unit with a Pioneer unit, everything was working fine before I slide the unit back into place. Put it in and now it’s not getting any power and neither is the display. I’ve checked the fuses in the bonnet and all the 15s and 20s in the under steering unit...