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  1. MrBlonde

    iGP Manager

    Ive been playing this game for a while now and enjoy it alot.its a F1 manager game. I was thinking of maybe starting a League on it if any of you are interested? It can be played from your phone,PC, Laptop and tablet.
  2. MrBlonde

    CSR Racing 2

    Anyone playing this?.just started playing and addicted already!.just seeing if anyone has started there own crew on there or a clio one?
  3. Jack!

    Game you're most eagerly anticipating in 2016

    Following on from the thread by @SharkyUK. Don't just reel off a list of all the games you're excited about, we all know there are some great games coming out in 2016. Just pick one and give a reason why you've picked it. For me it's Dark Souls 3. I love the Souls games, a lot of people are...