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iGP Manager


ClioSport Club Member
Ive been playing this game for a while now and enjoy it alot.its a F1 manager game.

I was thinking of maybe starting a League on it if any of you are interested?

It can be played from your phone,PC, Laptop and tablet.


  Megane rs250
Just had a quick go of this now it's really good tbh did my first race finished 5th and 9th could of done better knowing what I know now. I just joined the a league with a few players and a race not long from starting so if we got a league I'd prefer to join that one so long as our race time is after 5.00pm


ClioSport Club Member
We dont have a league mate but two of us are in this league Spotlight Leagues.
Im in the Elite tho & @Raceface_13 is in the rookie league.
Just have to work your way up,i think you have to finish in the top 3 or 2 to get promoted to the next league.

Ive also just downloads Motorsport Manager 2 for the tablet.But looking to the decent version for my Laptop when steam has a sale on.

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ClioSport Area Rep
Still in rookie, missed the last 2 races due to being in Germany at the moment. Im Chris Ringrose- team is RingWorksUk. Add me on there if you fancy :wink: