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gear change problems

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    Car won’t go into gear after new engine

    1.2 8v mk2, just put a new engine in, car now won’t go into gear. It will go into gear when the car is off but when running it just doesn’t want to go. are there different thicknesses of flywheels for the D7F 726 as we just used the one that came with the new engine assuming it would be the same
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    Help needed - Clio 172 short shifter

    Hi all, hopefully someone can help - I bought a clio 172 a couple of years ago that had been modified by the previous owner. One of the mods was a short shifter, but on a recent trackday I noticed there's a fair bit of play in the gearshift, so went about investigating the cause of the play...
  3. R

    Finding it hard to find gears under deceleration

    Just wanting some ideas as to what could be causing the issues, as I'm really not up to dropping my box out at the moment. Issue is finding it hard to get into gears, sometimes just grinding gears under deceleration.( I'm thinking towards the dog bone being absolutely wankered ) I won't be able...