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  1. Aliween1400

    172 Ph1 gear knob

    Hi guys Im after a 172 ph1 gear knob Does anyone know part number or where i can get one? i take it there wont be many used ones for sale lol ;)
  2. Rystar

    Think I've just killed gearbox number three... Surely it can't be my luck...

    Hi All, So I think I've just killed gearbox number three. Fifth, Third and Second are whining like hell and will pop out. This rebuilt box (local firm) has lasted about 15k? The last box (KTEC refurb unit) lasted about 15k miles also, that one would whine in all gears and eventually would pop...
  3. W

    Fifth Gear Part

    Does anyone know the part number for the JC5 longer 5th gear? The 42/31 one. It's the fifth gear fitted to: JC5-072 F9Q 736 Engine JC5-103 F9Q 736 Engine JC5-107 Megane 1.9dCi F9Q 105hp Gearbox JC5-109 JC5-120 JC5-138
  4. T

    light on the letters near to the gear selector on mk3

    hello everybody, i have the clio mk3 2007 automatic and I was wondering if the letters near to the gear selector supposed to light up like in the most of the cars. thanks
  5. K

    Play in Gear Stick

    Hi guys, I recently bought a Clio II 2005 a few months ago and noticed my gear stick wobbles a lot. I've read up about it and found it's common for it to wobble around but no other threads mention the exact symptoms I'm experiencing. It bounces around while engaging and disengaging the clutch...
  6. E

    Clio 200 4th gear crunch misery... RUK help?

    Hey chaps, appreciate people are probably sick of seeing posts on this issue but I would be grateful for any help / advice.. I've had my Clio 200 at the dealer and it's confirmed 4th gear synchro problems as is always the case.. According to RUK because it is 'not a known/common issue' they...