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gearbox leak

  1. S

    Gearbox leak where does it come from

    Hello I‘m new here on this forum and i‘m new in the clio game so i noticed that my clio is leaking bright oil, and black oil. Then i saw the bright oil is gearbox oil and the dark oil is engine oil (pictures). Now my question is for the gearbox is is this a damaged seal or is it silicon sealant...
  2. M

    Gearbox replacement

    Hi mates I have a 172 for the track, but after any track day my clutch gets super sensitive and noisy and after a while it starts leaking valvoline from the gearbox, I've changed the clutch more than 3 times and I've checked everything I could to be. I'm thinking of changing to another Gearbox...
  3. A

    Minor Gearbox oil leak

    Hi all, I'm a new member to the forum who has been looking for a decent 182 for some time. I *think* I may have potentially found a good candidate (just under 90k miles, cam belt, aux belt and dephaser pulley changed less than 3 years ago, Speedline Turini's and a price of about £3.1K)...
  4. F

    Clio 182 FF can't find where my oil leak is from

    Hi ! First off, i'd like to clear the fact that i am in no way a technician and i dont even have no tools, i think christmas is gonna be time for me to invest haha. So i noticed a couple of weeks ago that my car has been leaking oil, when the car is resting in the garage.. Probable one or two...