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golf gti

  1. M90SR

    My Mk4 Golf GTi

    End of November I was drunk at my cousins party celebrating a religious thingy ma bob and one thing lead to another and I had bought a car off my cousin. So couple days later I picked this up: This car is stupid fast and has had various improvements made to its running gear to insure that it...
  2. B

    Banther's New Golf

    See man driving a German whip etc. 1 owner. 50k. Banging spec. Shout out to @TomSx for putting up with my ramblings / indecision :) TIDL - Waiting for it to be serviced.
  3. partybish

    A Brief History of Grime (172 Cup 'Cleanup' Project Thread) (Pic Heavy)

    Hey Guys, I'm fairly new to the site and having just purchased a 172 Cup last weekend from a member on here I thought I'd start a thread to track my progress with it. At the age of 32 I came to the conclusion that it was time to go out and own a few of the cars that have caught my interest...