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  1. sam55

    Maserati MC20 and McLaren Artura at Goodwood media day

    The annual Goodwood Media Day is increasingly becoming a great way for growing channels and content creators to get behind the wheel of cars that they would otherwise not be granted access to. I've been struggling to get press cars from McLaren and Maserati, but at this year's media day, I...
  2. boultonn

    Goodwood Breakfast Club - Soft Top Sunday [4th June 2017]

    So I know a few people from CS were at Supercar Sunday a few weeks back so just wondering who's going to the Soft top Breakfast Club next weekend? If the last one was anything to go by it'll be incredibly busy with a very long queue to get in, but at least it's free. Event info...
  3. Jme34

    Goodwood 'hot hatch sunday'

    know it's a little way off and many of you already know about Goodwood's 'breakfast club', but think hot hatch sunday could be of interest to a lot of you. I live 10 mins away so will definitely be there, along with my mate and my brother. for those that don't know about it and are interested...