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  1. Andy_in_Ireland

    Clio 2 fan blower resistor pack

    Our clio 2 interior fan speed only works on speed 4 - have pulled out the resistor pack from the blower motor underneath the bonnet and traced it to the thermal fuse being the problem. I shorted it out and all 4 speeds work with it shorted. Was so tempted to solder a wire on , leave it...
  2. L

    No air coming through air vents

    I'm the owner of a 2004 clio. Nothing special just a first car. I got into it the other day and strangely the heating no longer works. All speeds seem to work and it sounds as if it is on however a strange, almost whining sound accompanies the usual flowing air sound and no air flow is coming...
  3. R


    I recently took my Renault Clio Expression 2006 plate in to the garage for a silver service, 2 x new tyres and a coil change. Since I got the car back the heating was working no problem but then a few days later stopped working completely no hot/cold air on any fan setting. Around a day later...
  4. M

    Renault clio 1.2 dynamique 2004 heating

    Hi, I have a Clio 1.2 2004 and the heating wont work. It will come on cold but just wont get hot. I have replaced the water filter and the fan belt, it has been flushed through and is clear and two mechanics have said the matrix is working correctly. any ideas? Thanks.
  5. dane0

    heating problem with 182

    Hi guys, Another problem again lol, well ive had it since day one but just not realised it I assume. Its a problem I've had with my coolant and overheating of the car in still traffic on hot days. The needle on my dash starts off normal and slowly rises to normal temp as the car warms up, but...