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Clio 2 fan blower resistor pack

  Renault Clio 4, 2016
Our clio 2 interior fan speed only works on speed 4 - have pulled out the resistor pack from the blower motor underneath the bonnet and traced it to the thermal fuse being the problem. I shorted it out and all 4 speeds work with it shorted.

Was so tempted to solder a wire on , leave it permanently shorted and pop it back into the blower casing but had visions of it overheating and catching alight so I thought I better not do that.

Just wanted to ask - the big long wiring plug is obviously the power to feed the blower (well rather the resistor pack) but what is the plug for with the 2 wires on it? for?

  Clio 1.5 dci
Hi im having problems finding resistor pack know where the cabin filter is.To the right of that is just a black cover no wires or anything does anybody know where to find it please!