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help im a decent guy

  1. T

    Color for rims.

    Hello everyone. Can someone please help me with color for my rims? Im stuck with black,white,purple or blue and i dont know which one to chose :/
  2. G

    Off road?

    hey guys I have a 2011 renault 1.2 turbo and I was wondering what the easiest way to rase the car to legal max ride high. Any help appreciated.
  3. R

    1.4 16V Automatic keeping going into AUTO (limp mode)

    My misses has a 1.4 16V Renault Clio and when driving it a AUTO light comes up and won’t go over 3rd gear. If you turn the car off and on straight after it keeps coming back on, but if you drive with it for about 5-10 minutes going 50-60mph revving it around 3000rpm and turn it off and on it...
  4. F

    Clio 182 FF can't find where my oil leak is from

    Hi ! First off, i'd like to clear the fact that i am in no way a technician and i dont even have no tools, i think christmas is gonna be time for me to invest haha. So i noticed a couple of weeks ago that my car has been leaking oil, when the car is resting in the garage.. Probable one or two...
  5. J

    Need a place in the uk to remap my 1.2tce

    Stage two/three I don’t know all I know is this. 1.2tce Clio with the following modifications: Decat exhaust Full stainless steel exhaust system 172 (250cc) injectors 1.6 Corsa vxr intercooler ITG panel filter (but who cares about that) I’ve been looking for a couple weeks now for a tuning...
  6. L

    (Advice) 1.5 Dci GT Tuning Chip

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and even modding my car in the slightest haha Basically I am looking into getting my Clio remapped or having a tuning chip installed, I've found a local company who install tuning Chips that alter the Engines ECU and the performance difference supposedly takes my car...