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  1. J

    Clio Mk3 Front Hubs

    Hi Guys! Looking around on ebay for a used NSF hub for my 2010 Clio GT. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a differance between the hubs for the 1.6, 1.2 1.5dci ect as there is only one GT hub which is £65 + £15 postage compared to £25 for any of the others? Cheers!
  2. L

    Dodgy 172 hub carrier, so i've been told...Please help

    So, I've got an annoying knocking sound from the left side of my Clio 172, my mechanic told me that its due to the lower suspension ball joint that connects to the hub...fair enough. He says that it due to the hub not being a sport hub, so i guess is there a way for me to check this so that i...