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iceberg silver

  1. Asher172

    Iceberg Silver 172 - First Track Car Build

    Hi All and welcome to my Clio Mk2 172 build. To give a brief background, ive had a few cars now which ive built/modified mainly for 'stance' and 'show' purposes, ranging from Civics, e36's to my most recent being an R34 Skyline. As ive gotten a little older and bored of the show scene, ive had...
  2. RichAwty

    From 1.2 to 172

    So just over a week ago I picked up my first Clio Sport - a 2004 172 in Iceberg silver from a member on here and wanted to keep a log of the changes, fixes and upgrades that I do along the way. The car will be my daily in October so I have a few months to do anything that will need to take it...
  3. RichAwty

    Finally got one

    Yesterday I went for a lovely 4 hour drive to look at a 172 which I bought and drove back; what a car! I still have to drive my 1.2 clio until october to get my first years no claims because insuring it before that would cost me far too much. I bought it from a member on here who loved it but...
  4. zUgan

    2002 Clio 172 - weekend toy

    Picked this up yesterday as a project/toy for the weekend. I have wanted one since they first came out. 107k 12 months MOT 4 almost new Toyo tyres Some history, but I bought it in the knowledge that it needs a cam belt change (no evidence of a change) - any recommended specialists near...
  5. Rystar

    172 Iceberg, Post Mop Photos

    Hi All, Recently had a mate of mine mop my car to bring the paint back up, no idea what he used, i'm not an expert, some sort of Trade Auto Glym stuff. Anyways, here are some photos of it shining after its clean, Enjoy!