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  1. 1

    "Indicator stalk attachment" loose. 172 Ph. 1

    Hello. The part where the indicator/other stalks are attached to sits loose and rotates on the steering column when using blinkers. Anyone know how to get it tight again? Also what is that part called? Car is a 172 Ph. 1. Thanks?
  2. Liambo-235

    Boot Struts & Side Indicators Replacements suggestions

    What boot struts are people replacing the OEM ones with? I phoned my local Renault stealership and they want £82.40 each.. I notice there are some on eBay for like £12 then SGS Engineering have for £15 each. Also any suggestions to fixing this? I removed my side repeaters to clean them but i'm...
  3. T

    Right indicator keeps staying on

    Hi everyone, A very strange and frustrating problem is happening with my 02 plate 1.2 Renault Clio. The right indicator keeps staying on even when the stork is in neutral. Is turns off when I indicate left, but either if its neutral or right, it stays on. I have changed the stork (got one...
  4. N

    Indicator problem

    Hello everyone! Just looking for some advice. My indicators have started going really fast intermittently. Sometimes it's normal, sometimes it's fast, sometime is clicking like it's trying to indicate but is going too fast for them to actually turn on. Works fine on hazards and all bulbs are...