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Right indicator keeps staying on

  Renault Clio
Hi everyone,

A very strange and frustrating problem is happening with my 02 plate 1.2 Renault Clio. The right indicator keeps staying on even when the stork is in neutral. Is turns off when I indicate left, but either if its neutral or right, it stays on.
I have changed the stork (got one from the scrap yard) and the problem stopped for about half a day, but it has come back.
I have noticed that when I have my dipped headlights on, sometimes it stops, but it does come on for about 2-5 clicks then back off. But it only stops sometimes.
I have also noticed that sometimes if I have been driving for some time, the right indicator will turn off (when stork is in neutral) and the indicators work normal (like when I indicator left or right, it will click off like its meant to). But same again, it sometimes does this, not all the time.

If anyone has any solutions/ideas, it would be very appreciated. And if you would like more information about the problem or car, just ask.

Thanks in advanced


ClioSport Club Member
sounds like an uch issue. there's a few repair services on ebay that you can send your unit to get repaired and there a number of common issues they show. one being:

"The right hand indicator will flash constantly unless you indicate left to cancel it out, but when return back to the mid point, the right side indication will flash again on its own accord."