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induction kit

  1. B

    D4F induction Kit

    Hi all, I know its been said so many times before but thought i'd get some opinions. I have the Df4 722 (i believe) engine with the stock airbox as shown in picture below (not mine) Would anyone think its worth adding an induction kit to it , obviously its not gonna do much for performance...
  2. J

    Help needed! Please

    Can anyone please explain to my why my engine bay looks like this??? I recently planned on fitting an induction kit (I thought easy first upgrade whilst locked down) only to find out my air intake system already fitted to the car is completely different to every car I’ve seen online?? I was...
  3. Just Adam


    Hey folks going to do a few mods to my car nothing major just a head unit an induction kit and a reversing camera, looking for some opinions on what to do after that, I would love to change to xenon headlights. Here's the car, induction kit and head unit.
  4. F

    performance air filters let dirt into the engine K&N ITG Pipercross Green BMC
  5. M

    Clio Nav200 Jack?

    Hi Picking up my new Clio on Tuesday and I would like to ask a couple of questions. The car is 6mths old and hasn't got a jack, even though there is space for one. The sales man said that they aren't supplied with jacks now is this true? Thinking about installing a dump valve and or an induction...