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  1. Hathor West

    182 New Injectors

    Can anyone recommend new injectors for 182 please?
  2. Hathor West

    Destructive Misfire - 182 - Coil Pack & Injectors

    I've been having a problem with the 182 for a while now. Every now and then when I accelerate above 2500rpm the car will hold back and when I take my foot of the accelerator it will backfire (not all the time). So I changed the plugs & leads and things were ok for a while but it's continuing...
  3. cliocollins

    Fuel injector Choices

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on which of these to purchase. I am struggling to see any difference other than the metal 'Spider' clip at one end of the Magnetti part. Why such a price difference, one is approved Renault OEM item & other is Magnetti? Should I spend more for good...
  4. S

    Clio III TCe 100 injectors and remap

    I have a Clio 3 TCe 100, love the car, love the engine, just think it needs 15 - 20 extra hp to get it to 'hot hatch' level fun. I've read that an off-the-shelf remap will take it to 125hp, but I'm sceptical because I know the standard injectors are hitting nearly 100% duty cycle. Does anyone...
  5. S

    TCe 100 fuel injectors

    Hi all, new to forum, looking for some advice. I own a Clio mk3.5 1.2 TCE 100. I like the engine, it's nice and revvy for a turbo car, but seems lack throttle response. I'm thinking of getting a remap done, but I've heard doing this on the standard injectors will result in little/no power gains...
  6. Duk

    Oh god please not the injectors

    So I have a clio 172 2003. A few months ago the emissions warning light started flashing. There was no detectable change to the emissions when probed, nor were there any detectable effects on performance. Later, the warning light went off and everything was fine for a few weeks. Yes, that's...
  7. j0bj0sh

    2005 clio 182 trouble starting sometimes. seems random

    hi, my 182 is struggling to start sometime, more often then not. it smells really rich when start up too drove for a long journey at the weekend and averaged 35-40mpg so cant be too bad when driving i've got a decat fitted and exhaust . this month ive replaced all four injectors updated crank...