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  1. S

    Standard mk2 1.2 16 valve air intake mod

    Anyone know if theres an after market air intake for a standard 58mm throttle body on a standard d4f 722?, That or just some way to give it increased power into 5th gear. Throttle fully open and it wont accelerate and even slows down up hill but dont fancy slipping into 4th at 60+ Are these...
  2. M

    Conic Air Intake on 2007 Clio Mk3 troubles

    Hello all, new to this forum so forgive me if this isn't the correct place for this. I am thinking of fitting a conic air filter on my 2007 Clio Mk3, however, I am confused as to a rubber hose that would normally be connected to the top of the stock intake. If I were to fit a conic air intake...
  3. C

    Bolt sizes

    I need to replace the engine cover bolts and the inlet manifold bolts, what sizes are they?
  4. James363

    Does dimpling intake ports work? (No)

    Hi all, I have just finished writing my final year dissertation after taking a break from work to finish my university degree. My employer suggested that I should investigate the effects of adding dimples to the internal surface of an intake port in order to determine if it is beneficial to...