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  1. MrBlonde

    Music Programs for Samsung/PC

    I Recently got a Samsung S8 after years of having the iphone,so im after a program or whatever there called so i can put all music onto and use it to transfer music to the S8,ie something like itunes where i can pick somngs,make playlists etc please.
  2. MrBlonde

    How to remove downloads songs

    As again my itunes has fecked up!.it has unselected all my songs!.so I selected what songs/playlist i want on my iphone synced it & now it shows the music i wanted but also shows this.... How do i get rid of the songs with download cloud next to them? Its an iphoneSE and has been updated.
  3. MrBlonde

    iTunes USB help on headunit

    Recently bought a new kenwood headunit with all the usb/Bluetooth etc on it,but i don't want to keep using my phone for the music so today I went and bought a FlashDrive.But its not working out how I wanted it to be,ive found out how to put music from my iTunes to the flashdrive but I cant do it...