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iTunes USB help on headunit


ClioSport Club Member
Recently bought a new kenwood headunit with all the usb/Bluetooth etc on it,but i don't want to keep using my phone for the music so today I went and bought a FlashDrive.But its not working out how I wanted it to be,ive found out how to put music from my iTunes to the flashdrive but I cant do it into folders or playlists like you would have on your phone!.Is this just because of I'm using iTunes or can I get another Music programme and use that to transfer folders,playlists onto the Flash Drive?


Leeds & Surrounding
ClioSport Area Rep
  Integra Type R DC5
Don't think you can use folders or playlists but it depends on your USB and Head Unit. Try putting all the .mp3 files straight onto the USB, no folders or anything like that. I think that's is the only way it would work, that's how mine is anyways.


ClioSport Club Member
Its a pretty good Flash Stick not a cheap one & my headunit lets me search for tracks just cant do a playlist or just pick a gene of music,shame.