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  1. K

    Kangoo 172 cranking but not firing

    Hello all, I have just purchased a converted Kangoo with a 172 lump in it. Absolutely love it BUT it doesn't work. It is cranking strongly but will not turn over. There are no immobiliser lights on the dash - there is an aftermarket immobiliser but it appears this is off. Coil pack is...
  2. W

    Kangoo Trekka K4M-F4R

    Hello frens, Diogo the welder, from Warwickshire😊 Just flew to Scotland (proof) to buy a 2002 Kangoo 4x4 1.6 16v after years looking for one but it seems like the K4M is quite tired after the 7 hour drive (head sounds like a box of nails). There's plenty of oil but doesn't seem to be reaching...
  3. F

    My 172 kangoo cup

    Hi guys, so ive just bought this 172 kangoo cup, seems pretty good for what i paid but is not perfect Was building my own andd got about half way through it but being a farm contractor has made it hard to spent lots of time working on it so bit the bullit and bought one already done Will post...