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  1. kendeba

    Changing K-tecracing suspension

    Hi Guys, I have arrived to that point when I am not that satisfied with my suspension and I have to decide what to change it for. The suspension is the cheapest K-tec (link below). My problem is that the front is too soft. While cruising the wheel often touches the wheel arch liner, it happens...
  2. M

    Help With Koni Dampers

    Hi all My Trophy came with a spare pair of Koni rear dampers which are obviously used, but seem in fair enough condition. I want to go about fitting them in the next week or so, but have realised that they are slightly different to eachother and wanted to get the group's thoughts on how to move...
  3. rupni

    Koni Eibach in London

    Hey, Next month I'm arriving London and I'm looking for parts to my Renault Clio RS 2 PH1. I'm looking for a specific Koni 8710-1395Sport (54 bolt pattern) and Koni 8010-1048Sport which I believe fit the vehicle. Also Springs of Eibach sport-line. Is there a store in London that holds these...