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Changing K-tecracing suspension

  Renault Clio 182
Hi Guys,

I have arrived to that point when I am not that satisfied with my suspension and I have to decide what to change it for. The suspension is the cheapest K-tec (link below). My problem is that the front is too soft. While cruising the wheel often touches the wheel arch liner, it happens in the corners or at road errors. I use 16" wheel on the car and the suspension adjusted relatively high.

If you would have any solution for this problem that would be the best, but I am afraid the springs are too weak.

What suspension would you recommend?

The Bilstein b14 looks good and the Koni Sport and Koni STR.T dampers with Eibach springs look good too. Do you have any experience with them?

Thank you guys!



ClioSport Club Member
The fronts are supposed to be 260 lbs/in and the rears 335 lbs/in, but I'm not convinced and would take that with a pinch of salt if comparing it against alternative sets.