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ktec stealth exhaust

  1. Carlos_2017

    172 decat pipe

    Hiya lads/ladies, Any suggestions on how to get to the spring bolts from the manifold to the cat? I have very limited space and no access to ramps :( I can just about get to them, but it’s a right ball ache! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Cheers Guys!
  2. Carlos_2017


    Hi everyone, Only me again, with the simple questions. Will I need to change my manifold on my 172 in order to decat? I mean, I have a decat pipe and recently ordered a stealth system, but have no idea whether everything will match up Cheers, Carlos.
  3. MrBlonde

    Stealth to not stealth Exhaust.

    At the moment I have the Ktec Stealth system on my cup and as you all know you get that booming drone on motorways etc doing about 80 and this is caused by the sound bouncing back up under the car. So im thinking of cutting the rear bumper to fit an exhaust trim and then cutting off the tailpipe...