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  1. R

    Bodyshop recommendations - Leeds &a surrounding areas

    Right so about a month ago someone knocked my car. I've never had any work done in the past so does anyone know what I'm realistically looking at cost wise? And if so, anyone recommend a bodyshop in the leeds/local to area that do a decent job? Usually I wouldn't be too bothered as...
  2. R

    Hi, New to the forum

    Evening. I'm Rob, 26. I'm new to the forum. I've been a Volkswagen lad for 10 years but last week I jumped ship and bought myself a Clio 3 RS200. It's a December 2012 Glacier White number with only 24k on the clock. I looked at a good 9 or 10 of them in all forms before deciding. I found the...
  3. G

    Project Car

    Thought I should introduce myself.. I'm Scott from Leeds and I've just bought this 182 with a mate as a project, we might fix it up and sell it on or use it as a track car. I know nothing about these cars so any info you can give me on what I've bought would be much appreciated.. 2004 with 60k...
  4. V

    Clios spotted around Leeds

    Thought it might be easier to stick up one thread rather than posting individual ones all the time! Apart from seeing @leeds2592 regularly, I haven't seen many nice 1*2s around recently. Followed a black 200 Cup with tinted number plate down the mad mile towards White Rose on Friday. Also saw...
  5. Treadless

    LY 200t Crossing A1, Bramham, Leeds

    After nearly a year of 200t ownership myself I spotted my first ever wild one and it happened to be a lovely LY one crossing the A1 from Bramham on the Thorner road. Unfortunately I was doing 70 on the A1 beneath so didn't get too close a look or a chance to wave!.