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  1. crfjake

    Any interest in a Northern Ireland meet?

    Moved to Northern Ireland from Birmingham in May and have noticed there is a substantial scene for modifying cars. So it surprises me that there’s no meet ups from here. Don’t know if it’s because people are too busy living that lowered diesel life and there’s not a big clio scene out here...
  2. Kayla Tomas

    East Mids Meet Hurt Arms at Ambergate ***New Date***29th June

    slight change of date but we finally have a meet which i will endevour to have every month in the same place (providing people like it of cause :) ) please share everyone welcome not just east mids :)
  3. Niall

    12th March NW Meet/Drive Out (?)

    So, today's meet was a bit of an anti-climax, p*ss poor planning. Anyhoo. Lets get a drive out (North Wales, Lakes, Yorkshire?) and meet sorted for a weekend soon from now, maybe late this month/early march. I'm thinking we sort a drive out followed by meeting back at Krispy Kreme's in...
  4. Joe Wootten


    Hi guys, Anyone know what was going on Saturday in Wiltshire/Chippenham was seeing 182 and 172's everywhere! Would love join next time!:) Is it a regular thing because I've not seen a huge amount of rs's around the area before!:) Any knowledge would be great!:)
  5. Knuckles

    North west Cs areas day 2nd April

    I've been very late with this sorry. Where do we fancy for this club wide regional meet day? With the weather properly picking up I'm ebbing towards a Welsh drive. *although I'll need someone to take the lead to take us to lake vermwy* does anyone have any other suggestions?
  6. Knuckles

    Chester end of Feb meet

    Who fancies a pub/restaurant meet next weekend? And does anyone have a preference on where to go? @Ash. @Carbonraider @Joe# @LloydyP @Paul.M @MartinL1993 @MarkMchugh @aucky @mjcropper @Norbury90 @Mart 85 @Liammk3 @welshname
  7. Knuckles

    Kebab Meet. Cheshire/ North wales/ Midlands

    The weather is looking to pick up (touch wood). Who wants a kebab? The place is Newcott fish and chips on the A41 found in between Chester, Shrewsbury and Stoke The address is Chester Road Market Drayton England TF9 United Kingdom It seems there are two of these spaced 20mins apart. The...
  8. Knuckles

    [Jan 29, 2016] Chester pub meet (the sandstone)

    After the last cracking meet at the sandstone, I've booked another table for next Friday, see you all there :smiley: Please RSVP so I know if I need to make the table bigger. Thanks.
  9. Knuckles

    Chester tag/mailing list

    Anyone who wants to be tagged in any future meet threads, please tag your name in here. Comment below and I'll add the name to the op. E.g. @Knuckles, @Ash. @Sam No chat please, just names @jesus @LloydyP @Paul.M @MartinL1993 @MarkMchugh @aucky @mjcropper @Norbury90 @Mart 85 @Liammk3...
  10. Knuckles

    Chester - scran?

    Does anyone fancy a food meet... And maybe mini golf again, there's a new one opened at Cheshire oaks. Im not bothered where it is, but interest dependant, we'd need to look at car park sizes.