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Moved to Northern Ireland from Birmingham in May and have noticed there is a substantial scene for modifying cars. So it surprises me that there’s no meet ups from here. Don’t know if it’s because people are too busy living that lowered diesel life and there’s not a big clio scene out here.

Either way I’d be keen for a bit of breakfast and then go and enjoy some of the 10/10 roads we have here. Probably picking the wrong time to gather interest as it will rain continuously from now till June ?


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  williams + 182's
Lol! Your right, rain til june!

Clio scene is not massive here, I was massively into clio scene here for many years but has faded over the past few years. Lowered diesels seem to take over here!
I have a williams project and a valver, hoping to get a 182 or 197 in new year, I would be up for meet!
  2004 RB182 Cup
I'd be up for that in my 182 whenever the weather picks up a bit and the roads aren't covered in salt!