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    Missfire cyl 2, intermitent eml , check esp, check injection, limp mode, exhaust popping at idle

    Well, thats everything my clio has, it's blowing my mind how many things went wrong for de 5 months I have owned the car, changed aircon compressor, alternator, the pulley from the camshaft... and list goes on.. These are the new problems (but surely not the last) So when the car is running...
  2. A

    Clio 172 mini project bought, cold start intermittent missfire issue.

    Hi all, please bare with me so i can explain exactly how the car runs! Basically i bought a 172 clio the other day, it has intermittent running issues which i knew about, i bought the car as a mini project. As far as the car goes, it has an air filter set up, the little vacuum sized breather...
  3. T

    Clio 182 stalling when crancked over and when cluched dipped

    Hello all, So Yet again another clio stalling post... I feel like I've read them all, but can't seem to pin point my problem, so any help would be very much appriciated. Here goes, A few weeks back my car stalled whilst slowing down for a junction, I thought nothing of it as the engine was...