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mk2 clio

  1. N

    Rear Speakers Renault Clio 2 2001

    Hello, I have a Renault Clio 2 2001. It has 2 5.25 speakers in each door and 2 tweeters on each side of the dashboard. It is a 3 door version. I want to replace the front factory speakers and put 2 speakers on the back seats. It has the factory radio. I have changed successfully the speakers...
  2. J

    Clio Seats

    Hello guys. I own a 5 door clio mk3 1.2 and I’m not keen on the original seats. I purchased a set of clio sport seats from the mk2 172 Edition. These feel a lot nicer and add a sportier edge with their bucket style. Unsure if they will fit or not, has anyone else done this or similar conversions.
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    Best back box for Clio mk2 1.2

    Hi there, had my Clio mk2 1.2 for about 6 months now and i’m doing small mods to make it a bit more exciting (it’s my first car). I’m looking for a back box to improve the sound the car makes, I just want something with a little oomph to please my ears but one that’s not going to drone when I...
  4. N

    clio dci 100 turbo help

    couple of things, looking at making the turbo coo... now ive been told the actuator is electronic? can anyone confirm? also would i be able to change the wastegate to a performance one to make it coo? also has anyone put a hybrid turbo on a 100? been told the fuel pump cant handle it, so would...