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mk2 ph1

  1. K

    Immobiliser issue mk2 phase 1 clio grande

    Hello there, owner of a 2001 Y reg Clio mk2 phase 1 grande with the 1499cc petrol. been a great car for months but had an underlying issue with the immobiliser i been ignoring for months until the other day i was stuck after work for over an hour as the immobiliser would not disable. Has had a...
  2. K

    Coilovers for a clio MK2 phase 1 1.2l 8v with a 52mm strut bolt spacing???

    Owner of a little MK2 Phase 1 2001 Y reg Clio grande here, fitted with a whopping 1.2l 8v with an air box held on with cable ties . Bought a used set of 172 sport shocks, springs and 4 alloy wheels but have recently come to find the rear shocks have popped, obviously the fronts didn’t fit so...
  3. P

    Rear Seat Won't Fold!

    I want to remove the rear seats in my MK2 ph2 Clio. I've been able to remove the bottom portion (dead straightforward) and I've been able to fold the 2/3 section but the latch on the remaining 1/3 is stuck with the release button pushed in all the way already. Can anyone help? I'll add photos...
  4. hostler

    Hostler's 172 ph1 track/weekend toy

    I’ve been around this forum for a while, but never really started a project. I’ve owned a Clio before my current 172 ph1 but it was nothing special. My ph1 is now my track/weekend toy. My history with French cars I’ve only owned French car. My first car was a Citroën Saxo 1.1i. Great car but...