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    Clio mk4 rear spoiler replacement

    Hello my fellow clio sport owners, Recently i jad a little problem with my clio mk4 RS 200, which is that the rear spoiler plastic flew off my car. Now i have been searching far and wide and cant find any place where i can order a new or used part to replace it. Would anyone be able to point me...
  2. A

    Mk4 0.9 Tce Gearbox Oil

    Hi, I'm a brand new member here, and a brand new owner of a 0.9 TCe (2013 35,000 miles). So I decided to do an engine oil + filter change. A simple job I thought. However I made a stupid mistake and undid the gearbox oil drain plug instead of the sump plug! Before I'd realised what I'd done the...
  3. R

    Clio mk4 DCI

    Hey guys. So I’ve just picked up my second clio (mk3 first car) and am looking to enhance the performance of my mk4 DCI. I’ve noticed that the car tends to roll slightly when cornering so I’m wondering what people would advise with that? Along with any other suggestions on what people would do...
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    Boost gauge install

    hey guys, I've got a mk4 Clio tce90 and I'm looking to put a boost gauge on my a pillar and I will be buying a vaccum gauge. Trouble is I'm having a brain fart as I cannot work out where I need to put the vacuum hose :/ Here is a picture of my engine bay (stunning I know......) Any help would...
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    Mk4 steering in a mk3?

    Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone could help me or give me a little advice. Would a mk4 clio steering wheel fit in a mk3 clio? Have seen a few cheap mk4 steerings and would benefit from a leather one instead of the crappy mk3-non leather steering. TIA!