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obd reader

  1. AndyPembs182

    OBD scanner tool/app and ABS sensors - 182

    I need to monitor my ABS sensors - warning lights coming on/off like it’s Christmas! So I’m looking for a scanner tool or app (iPhone) which will let me read what’s going on with the ABS sensors. Any recommendations? Preferably nothing too ridiculously expensive. But it need to work well.
  2. T

    OBD/Diagnostic Issues.

    Hi all, wondering if anyone can offer me some advice. Picked myself up an OBD2 machine/device. Says it's compatible with all post 1996 cars essentially. However it won't connect to my 04, 1.2 Clio. It's saying it cannot connect. Tried it on an 10 plate Astra and it'll work fine. Any help is...
  3. MrBlonde

    P01/01 Code

    So the orange emissions light came on the other day on the dash,can runs fine no probs.First of all by reading up on some threads on here it was pointing towards the post lambda sensor.So I thought I would get it diagnosed before I spent out on some money,so @Sunglasses_Ron kindly let me borrow...