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    Renault Clio 172 (no air con) belt replacement

    Good afternoon, Long story very short, I was replacing my Clio 172 (non air con, non cup) alternator and belt, and I have managed to lose the bottom bolt(s) connecting the alternator to the engine. aka 'Renault Clio Sport MK2 2001-2006 172 182 Alternator Mount Engine Bracket'. I found this...
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    Rs 200 radiator part Number

    After picking up my new radiator from the donkeys at my local Renault dealer... They've given me a 1.2 rad. As it was an out of stock item the dearlership won't do a refund but only an exchange. So does anyone know the part number for a mk3 Clio 200 rad with aircon? It should have the mounts...