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pc game

  1. MrBlonde

    PC Game Graphics

    I have been playing War Thunder for a while now,but now the graphics have dropped res!.i have done no changes to my laptop & have done a routine update & with the game. The in game menus look all fine as normal but then gameplay & background graphics are rubbish now,they have gone all block...
  2. MrBlonde

    CrossOut any playing

    Im a big fan of War Thunder and have just come across another one of there games,CROSSOUT! Looks pretty fun,kind of like mad max style of game where build cars with guns etc to kill each other and is free to play. Ive just downloaded it!
  3. MrBlonde

    Tank Games PC

    Im currently playing War Thunder at the moment and enjoying it,just wanted to see if there are any other good Tank Games out there that you can recommend apart from War Thunder and World of Tanks. I like playing the mix of arcade/strategy type of play where i can upgrade parts and tanks.